Lovită din 3 părţi

Bloggerii astia is niste oameni tare curiosi. Unii mai ca altii, se inghesuie sa ma chestioneze despre diverse, si eu n-am de ales, trebuie sa le raspund. Cand trei vin pe capul meu, musai sa ma execut. Alice, Bloodie si Alepse vor sa stie cuvantul cu care raspund la intrebarile urmatoare. Partea proasta e ca la unele nu pot sa ma rezum la unul singur.
Yourself: angry and sad
Your Spouse: imaginary
Your Hair: falling
Your Mother: cooking
Your Father: working
Your Favorite Item: books
Your Dream Last Night: don’t remember
Your Favorite Drink: lemonade (?)
Your Dream Car: sport
The Room You Are In: mine
Your Ex: in Bucharest
Your Fear: Alzheimer’s
What You Want To Be In Ten Years: independent
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: my boyfriend
What You’re Not: free
Muffins: i’m on diet
One of Your Wish List Items: my own apartment
Time: too little
The Last Thing You Did: helped a homeless boy
What You Are Wearing: glasses
Your Favorite Weather: gloomy
Your Favorite Book: too many
The Last Thing You Ate: soup
Your Life: I hate it
Your Mood: miserable
Your Best Friend: funny and caring
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: a bath
Your Car: my father’s
What Are You Doing At The Moment: play with my earring
Your Summer: average
Your Relationship Status: not available
What Is On Your TV: my lamp’s light
What Is The Weather Like: cold
When Was The Last Time You Laughed: at work

Na, ca am zis tot ce am pe suflet, in a misteryous kind of way. Leapsa zboara catre Dan Messer, Omuletul de plastic, Chrismilla, Kidha, Happy Chicken si Zmeura.