I thought about handwriting when I saw a big set of coloured pens at a friend of mine. I used to like so much writing things…lectures, diaries, lists, I even tried to write a whole book by hand. Well, that was in the 7th grade, it won’t happen again…Or who knows? ;))
The only things I write now are the shopping lists, which are not very long, not even full sentences, notes to my parents, which are even rarer than the lists. Anyhow, I miss it. I have a nice handwriting, (yes I brag) but unfortunately I don’t use it anymore because of the computer. I like pencils, pens and other things used for this, but…they are useless. I recently discovered the tables in Excel, and you don’t know how fascinated I am by them. I put into a table anything I find it. I have a different worksheet for the movies I have on CDs, for the books I have read, for the CDs with pictures I took, and these are only on my own PC. If we take into consideration how many I have at work…(worksheets I don’t really need)….mmmm, yeah I’m insane.
I have this obsession about sorting and matching things, putting some order into everything that surrounds me.
I hope that the future generations won’t lose the ability to handwrite because of the computers. A letter is a much more direct approach than an email.