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  • Dirrrrrty job

    Dirrrrrty job

    What comes to your mind when you hear this phrase? Well, it might be something illegal, immoral or something one doesn’t like to do. From all these three, what suits to my job is the..

  • Le café des trois colombes

    Le café des trois colombes

    Voici une histoire que j’aime beaucoup: Nancy en hiver, une neige mouillée, une fille entre dans un café. Moi, je bois mon verre, elle s’installe à côté, je ne sais pas comment l’aborder. La pluie,..

  • Handwriting


    I thought about handwriting when I saw a big set of coloured pens at a friend of mine. I used to like so much writing things…lectures, diaries, lists, I even tried to write a whole..

  • Introduction


    You didn’t expect to read some crappy things about me, like who I am, what I like and stuff like that. You’ll have plenty of time for that. Just visit my blog often enough and..